Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Chapter 3- God's Help In Prayer

Becoming A Woman Of Prayer-Online Study

Chapter Three 
God's Help in Prayer 
(Becoming A Woman Of Prayer, © Cynthia Heald, June 2005.  Used by permission of NavPress, all rights reserved.

"And in the same way the Spirit also helps our weakness; for we do not know how to pray as we should, but the Spirit Himself intercedes for us with groanings too deep for words." Romans 8:26

Yesterday was a rough day. To say the ER was busy is a gross understatement. My role for the day was as the shift coordinator which is code for "in charge with no real authority". It began with a 911 call I had to make from our ER re: a "disruption" and the "spanish inquisition" over the phone line that caused me to question and say....why are you asking me all this, just send help! 

Despite the fact that I'd listened to sermons all the way into work, I never really took the time to pray before the shift which has, if anything, historically prepped my heart for "battle".  The day and the people and the demands of the job took it's toll on my attitude and instead of lifting my hands in prayer... I clenched my fists in frustration, I cursed the circumstances (sad to say, literally), became unglued and cried. Although crying is no foreign expression for me, it's not how I usually respond at work. In fact, it's become my prayer that the fruits of God's Spirit would overflow from Him and out of me to my patients and co-workers and that they may see Christ in my life. Yesterday was a major fail. I wish I could say that in my weakness, I relied on Him for strength..I did not. My heart felt ugly. My mind- defeated. My pride- demolished. Even if no one else perceived this, which I doubt, I left for home at the end of my 12 hour shift deflated and feeling lame. 

This morning, as I showered, I re-inacted the days events in my head. All the conversations, patients,  and confrontations and my reaction to it all left me feeling nauseated. I began to pray and confess my failure to rely on Lord and was unable muster the words. I felt such shame and spiritually felt like I just wanted to hide under a rock. Doesn't this sound familiar? Wasn't it the first man and woman who hid in shame after their sin? I wished that the water from the shower head could've washed away yesterday, taking away the shame and guilt and making me feel clean. As my tears mingled with the water flowing over my head, I was reminded of God's gift of Himself in the Holy Spirit and how He "intercedes for us with groanings too deep for words". My "groanings" were from broken pride and I know there are deeper and far more painful circumstances or events that many people endure every single day...some of those happen in that ER. I am thankful that when these moments come, whether from pride, sin or loss, that the Holy Spirit interprets our cries and speaks on our behalf to our Father who longs to lift our chin, as any loving father does, and gaze into our lives and give us more of Himself and bring us back into His presence. We already know He's invited us. We already know He is Faithful....Isn't it just almost too wonderful that He provides help and an intercessor our behalf. Unlike my 911 experience, the Spirit knows exactly our circumstances and our need and dispatches His help immediately.

In our book and study, God's Help is demonstrated in two ways: God's Spirit and God's Word. (1)

It all comes back to God's provision. He gave us His Spirit when we became His adopted children and also gave us His Word who is first, Christ and is also The Bible. Getting into God's Word helps us to know Him more and see His promises and His glory throughout scripture. His Spirit is another provision so we can communicate and fellowship with our God. 

In the chapter Cynthia shares, " Our gracious God gives us His Spirit to undergird us in prayer. How privileged we are to seek His help in confidence that He will guide us to pray according to His Word." (2)

"Indeed the whole secret of prayer is found in these three words, in the Spirit
It is the prayer that God the Holy Spirit inspires that God the Father answers.....The 
one who would pray in the Spirit must meditate much upon the Word, that the 
Holy Spirit may have something through which He can work. The Holy Spirit 
works His prayers in us through the Word, and neglect of the Word makes praying 
in the Holy Spirit an impossibility. If we would feed the fire of our prayers with the 
fuel of God's Word, all our difficulties in prayer would disappear." 
R.A. Torrey (3)

This weeks challenge:  
Pray God's Word. Find a verse, a may already have one or you can look one up and praying for God's direction...(shoot, google one if you need to) that is a promise of God for a real and present need in your life. Spend time asking the Lord to fill you with His Spirit and search your heart and align it to His own. 
Again, post this week's verse in a visible spot for you and read it every day.

Question: How do you struggle in your prayer life? Are you fearful of praying wrong? Do you ever struggle with "what" to pray for?
Lord Jesus, Thank you for your redeeming grace. You are our Redeemer. Thank you for, after finishing your work here on earth, giving us The Spirit who teaches and guides, who comforts and moves in us, who reveals more of you to us and intercedes on our behalf. Lord, thank you for forgiving me. Thank you for lifting my chin to your face with the comfort of your Spirit and the promises of your Word. Thank you for a new day. Thank you that while I am incapable, you ARE capable. While I am imperfect, you ARE perfect. Please make me more like you.
In Jesus precious and holy name, Amen.

(1-3) Becoming A Woman Of Prayer, © Cynthia Heald, June 2005.  Used by permission of NavPress, all rights reserved. 

If you find yourself falling apart more than holding it together, another Great resource is the book and bible study, Unglued by Lysa TerKeurst. Check it out!


  1. Love you, sweet Melinda. I suspect I'd be happy to have you looking out for me, even on your worst day. :) I'm so grateful for the way the Spirit whispers our deepest needs into prayers just right for our Father's holy ears. He always knows what to say, doesn't He.

    Love, Lee

    1. I have my good days...thankfully, good or bad, all my days are His!
      Love you Leebird!