Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Bedtime Rituals - A poem

There are some dear sweet children of mine,
Who, at bedtime, have a irritating tendency to whine
We remind them, "brush your teeth, be sure to read
And thank our Lord that we have all we need!"

We tuck them in, read them books
Snuggle, hug, pray and give them sweet looks.
We make sure their fed, healthy, safe and sound
No monsters in closets, no bad things around.

But what seems to happen more often than not,
Is how very often they tend to get caught
When we hear a giggle, foot steps or a boom
As they're sneaking and running from room to room.

They cry, "But mom...I need one more drink,...
I have a question and want to know what you think,...
I have a really good story I forgot to tell,...
I have a horrible huge scratch when I tripped and I fell..."

We say, "It's bedtime, turn out the lights!
I can't believe you're still up, It's 10:30 at night!
I don't want to hear you say in the morning
how tired you are as you roll over and keep snoring."

I say sternly, "Don't get up again.
In the morning, you can tell me all this then.
Don't even think about coming out unless you're on fire!
Even so, Stop/Drop/Roll and head back to bed to retire."

"OK." they say, their bare feet lagging
As their blankets behind them are dragging.
"I love you! Sleep well, Oh children of mine!
I'll see you in the morning!" I say as I smile and recline.


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