Sunday, November 27, 2011

A Year

November 30th marks the one year birthday of this blog.

One year!

I know that I have learned a lot. A lot about my God, my family, more about myself, my weaknesses and limitations, some strengths and was given insight as to how God has been working in my heart/life. I was offered a couple opportunities I would not otherwise have had and am grateful for all the wonderful insights that have been shared in response to what I have "put out there". Thank you for your grace.

Here's to another year, God willing, of seeking Him, loving my family and learning how to trust Him daily.

The goal list of LESS: 

less talking
less worry
less procrastination
less over-scheduling
less me

The goal list of MORE:

more praying
more listening
more encouraging
more purposeful choices
more of God

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