Friday, November 18, 2011

T is for Thanks

A couple friends are sharing 30 days of thankfulness during this month on their facebook pages and I thought it was a great idea. However, I'm behind. So, I thought I'd do all 30 here and now.

This week the kids' had minimum days all week.
1. Thankful for more time at home.
2. Thankful for an afternoon with friends.

This week we had parent/teacher conferences.
3. Thankful for great reports and great teachers.
4. Thankful for good communication.

My youngest son is learning to phonetically spell on his own.
5. Thankful for growth.
6. Thankful for his love notes to me.

My daughter is taking a hip-hop dance class that she loves.
7. Thankful for her love for music and expression.
8. Thankful for healthy bodies to move.

My oldest son has reconnected with a friend.
9. Thankful for grace/forgiveness learned.
10. Thankful for Godly influences in his life.

Today it was supposed to snow, it didn't.
11. Thankful for God's sovereignty.
12. Thankful for power.
13. Thankful for heat.
14. Thankful for rain.

My husband has a week off from work.
15. Thankful for a chance for him to rest.
16. Thankful for time with family this week.
17. Thankful for our jobs.
18. Thankful for him.

Had Moms In Prayer at my house this week.
19. Thankful for a clean house.
20. Thankful for amazing ladies in my life.
21. Thankful for our church.
22. Thankful for prayer.

Tomorrow is our last soccer game of the season.
23. Thankful for a fun year.
24. Thankful to have our Saturday's back....sort of.

My kids are, at this moment, quietly watching a movie.
25. Thankful for peace when it happens.
26. Thankful for them. I love them so much.

Tonight is our end of the year soccer pizza party.
27. Thankful I don't have to cook dinner. :)

Learning more about humility and pride.
28. Thankful for God's mercy on me when I fail at both.
29. Thankful for a God who knows and and loves me still.
30. Thankful for the cross.

****and one to grow on.
31. Thankful for you.

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  1. Thanks Melinda for being our daughter(-in-law). Thanks for loving our son.
    Thanks to both of you for giving us such amazing grandchildren.
    Thanks to you and Lance for bringing up the children " the nurture and admonition of The LORD.
    We love you
    Mom & Dad Gray