Thursday, October 13, 2011

A slow dance with my sweetheart

Tonight I was buying 0.69 cent songs on iTunes and reminiscing through songs of my youth and while enjoying Madonna's "Crazy For You", my husband wandered into the room, took my hand and slow danced with me. He rarely dances, even when at a wedding or event, and to get him to do so is usually a chore. However, I like to shake my groove thing, play that funky music, hustle, shake, jive, Roger name it. I'm not claiming To be good at it, just that I like "the nightlife, I like to boogie". Yeah, I enjoy it.

But tonight, while dancing slowly with my husband I felt romanced, cherished and giddy all over again. I, of course, sang all the words and he didn't mind....or at least he doesn't say so. Even if he does, he knows I love to do that and THAT makes me love him more. All the other trivial things seem to melt away while enjoying a song in the arms of someone you love and who love you right back.

I hope we slow dance again. Soon.
I hope we are still slow dancing in a year, in 5 years, in 15 years and til death do us part.