Saturday, July 16, 2011

10 things

Catie dressed as a Rock star for Halloween 09.
There are things you wish for as a kid that the adults in your life smile at because they know it's an improbability.

 There are things you wish for in your teen years that are dreamy and romantic and ambitious and your parents look at you with hope, anticipation and they wish WITH you.

There are things you wish for as an adult that become very practical and a new vacuum and your family smiles again thinking, "yep, that about sums it up". I don't think dreams or wishes are fact, I think it's important to dream and wish. The important part is that, as you grow and mature as an adult and child of Christ, your wishes fall in line with HIM.

So in my....(clear throat) 29 (...yes, I said 29. Are you calling me a liar? :) ) years, this is what I still dream for (not in any particular order)

1. To lose more weight.

2. To re-do our bathroom.

3. To visit our friends in Portugal someday.

4. To see my children live for Christ and marry Christian spouses.

5. To travel to as many places as possible. Anywhere. Everywhere.

6. To go on a mission trip someday.

7. To be debt free.

8. To be an encouragement and touch the lives of as many people as possible for the Lord.

9. To have a home that looks like a pottery barn catalog. (All purchased at discount as to be a good stewards with our $$)

10. To sing on Broadway...(OK. still immature, but I'm still hoping. Did I mention I can't sing?)

Yep, that'll be me the 12th from the left. :)


  1. I want to sing on Broadway too! I totally cannot sing and would never pass a voice test - sometimes I think I would settle for just being in the chorus of any theatrical production. But if we're dreaming, I'm gonna say Broadway.

  2. Funny....I was actually going to post that no matter how hard I try my home will never look like a pottery barn catalog. Little hand prints on the walls, unfinished trim and crown moulding projects, toys strewn does resemble a barn sometimes.....just not the right one :)