Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Week

 This week we celebrated many things. One big event was Great Grandma Kemp's 98th Birthday. This was her 3rd birthday celebration in the week..When you get to 98, you'll get extra parties too.. 
Doesn't she look great?

 We had a blast on our stealth bunny mission hiding eggs and baskets for my niece and nephew.  What made it even more fun was not getting caught by Becky or their labradoodle, Gandalph. Also it was fun getting all the pictures of them texted to us as they were discovering and hunting for all the goodies when they woke up from their nap. 


hippity hop.

 We spent an afternoon at the Folsom zoo and park and had fun hanging out...Well, until they started fighting but, it's not like a vacation makes them angels or anything.

Love these faces. 

Over the week, we really enjoyed sleeping in. We played, ate, ate out, enjoyed time with family, 
went to Wacky-Tacky, had some play-dates both planned and impromptu and ended the week with the celebration of Easter Sunday. 

They woke up excited. 

Did I mention they were excited? 

Here, Nate is giving me the "thumbs up" for the nerf gun in his basket. 

Easter baskets had a little candy, a couple toys, new summer pajamas, 
and a new t-shirt for each of them. 

Jack really likes legos. 
He thought this guy was the coolest. 

We had a great morning worship at church, (HE IS RISEN!) Lance said the service was great.
I worked with the adventure kids-children's church.
 It was a lovely day to fellowship with our church family.

 We headed home to eat deviled eggs and smoked salmon, cheese and crackers and watch The Voyage of the Dawn Treader while the ham cooked and we waited for my parents to arrive. There was, of course, an easter egg hunt. As Jack has gotten older, he finds more fun in the hiding than in the finding. So he played the Easter Bunny and Catie and Nate hunted. 

Enter Grandma and Grandpa Bach. 
Doesn't my dad look thrilled? 
(My mom always brings something up when she comes to, she brought a sequoia tree...No, I'm serious. In that bag is a small and ready to plant sequoia...
Has she seen how many trees are in our yard? Thanks Grandma!)

Happy Grandma!

Catie performed for us...songs, dances...It's cute.
Is her room clean? No. 

It's too bad she's so shy...

Haven't you ever seen an Italian Easter Bunny? 
This is my dad. Happy to see the family? Yes. 
Happy Catie is sharing her Reese's Peanut Butter egg with him...OH Yes.

All in all, a great week and a great celebration. 
I'm thankful that remembering what Jesus did for us does not only 
occur on Easter and that we get to see our family more often than on holidays. 
What I will miss...sleeping in. :)


  1. Wow, Mel, what great pictures! Makes me feel like I was there. Sounds like a great week!! :)


    thanks for the great pictures. we had alot of fun. dinner was awesome as always and the entertainment was absolutely wonderful. the tree was to celebrate earth day. thought what is more one tree in the scheme of things. the kids would love to see one grow allthough it will take 30 years. lets see you will be what! i am starting to lie about my childrens ages, thats it. Well love your blog. (notice I am becoming more computer smart) Love you, Mommie and Daddie
    and meemaw and grandpa