Thursday, April 28, 2011


Easter afternoon we came across a brand new nest that had been lovingly and masterfully made in the tree right in front of our deck. We've had nests in this same tree before but usually they are hidden deep within the tree. This particular nest looked perfect and was placed up on top and exposed to the sky. I'm not sure if this is the safest place for a nest, but I'm thankful that it's in a place where we can see it. Anyhow, while looking at this little home I was amazed at how wonderfully it is made. I don't think I could make a nest like that, unless I had some superglue and even then it would not look this good. It so awesome to see how these birds without the use of any hands can make such a secure and sturdy homes and while up in a tree no less. The time taken to prepare a home for their babies to be laid, incubate, hatch and grow does not happen quickly. I read that it takes somewhere between 2-5 days to build a nest without interruptions. That's impressive. And that many birds will refurbish their old homes to prepare for new young. The birds know instinctively what to do. They are equipped  for the job and given the environment, adapt to make sure they have a safe warm place for their young. 

Don't we, as mama's, do the same thing? (Well, most of us. That's another subject for another day.) If not before, then during the pregnancy we are getting ready for our little bundles in various ways. We buy supplies, ready a room, get the car seat, scrutinize over nursery themes, read books, toss around baby names, visit the doctor to check the health of both baby and mama. It's a process. God uses our bodies for approximately 40 weeks to grow a life and give us ample time to ready our hearts and homes for His creation. 

This picture was taken today. Two lovely smooth blue eggs in their made-especially-for-them home. Aren't they cute?? I hope that we get to see glimpses of the adults. I really hope that we get to see the birth of these little babes. 
To be continued.....

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