Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Story of a Pickle

My Catie has many nicknames...CatieBug, Bug, Bugga-baby,  CatieCakes, Beebug and her favorite and most recent is Pickle which is ironic because she doesn't even like pickles. Catie loves chocolate which I believe  is in her DNA because since she was dancing in my belly and I craved chocolate. ALL. THE. TIME.

I ate chocolate donuts, coco puffs, coco crispies..drank mocha's. Given between chocolate and anything else, she chooses the chocolate every-time. Maybe if I'd eaten more carrots, she's be more cooperative at dinner time. 

Catie loves to dance, sing loud in the car (hmmm wonder where she gets that from), color, paint...dress up with clothes and make-up and currently she is disgruntled because  she wants to play a computer game where she gets to put make up on a virtual doll. I love this girl. I love her when she sings, and dances and colors and even when she gives me that grumpy face while crossing her arms and grunts out a big "harumph". It's cute really. But I must get off the computer as to not exasperate my girl any longer...or "hurt her feelings for two weeks".

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