Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I'm in denial. I am resigned that it is spring and despite the fluffy white stuff falling down outside my house right now and despite the slippery white that has accumulated in piles on/off over the last 5 days...SPRING is here. Why, you ask? Because the Calendar says so.

The snow is making people grumpy and the school children are stir crazy and those of us living in this state of, what feels like, eternal winter...are ready for the warm sun on our face, green grass under our feet, the aroma of blooming flowers and room to roam outside without having to shovel a path first. I've lived in California most of my life. I understand and recognize that the winters here are not severe compared to other parts of the world.  Personally, I  love the seasons that are offered here in our mountain county and realize that other counties in California rarely see a shift from season to season...but let me tell you...after a season of snow, no matter where you're ready for Spring. I guess it's like anything else...

A season of illness makes you thankful for the healthier times.

A season of poverty (relative) makes you feel blessed for the times of provision.

A season of pain makes you more thankful for rest.

A life of easy leaves little room for a real understanding or appreciation for how good it is compared to how hard it can be or has been. But in the midst of this present misery, there is the promise of spring, the guarantee of new, of hope and of change...because God promises it. So why don't we live that way? Sometimes the winter is too long..or the end of it is nowhere in sight. Personally I get stuck in my own view of my world and fail to see God's view and see the suffering of other's and appreciate that "it's not all about me."

So, yesterday in honor of my acknowledgement of Spring, I went and bought some things for my house that make my house feel "Spring-y".
I will eat mango salsa and spring colored m&m's and drink iced tea and look for sun.

Does it change the climate outside? No. Does it make me feel better? Yes, because I know spring will show itself soon, it's inevitable.

So, am I an denial? Not really...I'm aware that the snow is still falling, but that it will end and Spring is coming and my joy can be found in the promise of that. So, I celebrate Spring..I decorate my house and enjoy it and know that the outside will eventually match the inside...

Choose to celebrate and believe the promises of God..of Spring, of hope and change and your smile and countenance will eventually match the decision of your heart. This season too shall pass as all seasons do. Choose to believe what you know is real...your circumstances will not last forever.

If there is no bloom to be seen in your current winter...plant one where you can see it....
And know...Spring will come.

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  1. Love this! So creative and spirit filled! Thank you for sharing!