Tuesday, September 11, 2012

An encouragement from Cynthia Heald

Becoming A Woman Of Prayer, © Cynthia Heald, June 2005.  Used by permission of NavPress, all rights reserved.
Our study begins in just over 24 hours and today I was elated to receive an email from Cynthia, the author of the book we are studying, "Becoming A Woman Of Prayer". She let me know she would be praying for each of us as we dive into God's word and grow in deeper relationship with our Lord! I had previously asked if there might be something shed like to share with us. She has responded and I'm excited to share the words of encouragement for us from, author, Cynthia Heald:

 I have learned over the years that each study I write is for me and essentially for me alone. It is God's way of being sure I listen to Him. I remember when He prompted me to write this study on prayer. I responded by saying, "Lord, you know I am not a prayer warrior and I really don't know that much about prayer." And our Lord faithfully replied, "Cynthia, that is exactly why I want you to write a prayer study."

Most of my studies have "Becoming" as the first word of the title--that is because we are always growing and maturing in the Lord. And so it is with my prayer life. I am still a work in progress in learning about prayer, taking time for prayer, and developing the closeness and intimacy needed to pray without ceasing.   

The key for me is to spend consistent time with the Lord daily reading his Word and then responding to what I have read through intercession and sharing my heart with Lord. I have discovered that sitting at the feet of Jesus listening to His Word is prayer. It is the best part of prayer: it is listening to God speak.  

I am blessed by Andrew Murray's thoughts:    "I find it a great help to use much of God's Word in my prayers. If the Holy Spirit impresses a certain text upon my mind, I take it to the throne of grace and plead the promise. This habit increases our faith, reminds us of God's promises, and brings us into harmony with God's will. We learn to pray according to God's will, and understand we can expect an 
answer only when our prayers are in accordance with that will. (1 John 5:14)    

"As indispensable to me as the bread I eat, and the air I breathe, is communion with God through His Word and prayer. Whatever else is left undone, God has the first and chief right to my time. Then 
only will my surrender to God's will be full and unreserved." 


Keep your hand in His~ 

 I'll see you tomorrow!-Melinda

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