Friday, August 24, 2012

Praying in a Puddle

Lately, during my prayer and worship time, it's become the norm that they both bring me to tears. Maybe it's that both of these face-times with God have drawn me closer to Him over these past few years. Maybe it's that I am amazed at His love, overwhelmed by His grace and so thankful He meets me in these times. All these are probably true and I've resigned myself to requiring a box of tissues more often.

Actually, it's almost every single time.

As I am reading and praying in preparation for our upcoming study of prayer, I confess I am tad nervous that I may be a mess at each meeting. The great thing is God wants my mess. He wants that time with me because he loves me and there is something in that time, though puffy-eyed and through choked up words, that grants such peace. We pray to and praise an amazing God whose love is unfathomable and yet it meets my every need and covers, through the blood of Jesus, my every failure and my every inadequacy.

The puddle I stand in is not just an overflow of my grateful tears. It's the raining down of His answers to my pleas. It's the pouring out of His spirit over me. It's His cleansing me of my transgressions and making me clean in His presence because of the work of Christ.

When was the last time God's presence overwhelmed you to tears? Jump in the puddle and dance in His Reign. :)


  1. Melinda - the last time was while I was reading this 'right now' and understanding His amazing Love for you and how it is flowing thru you my dear friend. To feel His amazing Love thru you!
    Blessings and a special hug.

  2. Oh girl, you are singing my song!! I am ALWAYS moved to tears when I worship and pray...and really any time I think of the sacrifice made for me!!
    Whew boy!!! PRAISE HIM!!!
    I wrote about it too... (it's long, but I think you'll get it.) :)