Monday, October 17, 2011

I got nominated!

Wow! My blog was just nominated for The Versatile Blogger Award! I guess that's what you call those of us who have a little ADHD and can't stay on topic!! ha ha! I was nominated by Discovering Jubilee, another christian momma with a hope to spread encouragement and love to those in her world. God is good. Check out her blog!

So, the deal with this award is that the recipient has to do two things:

1.  Share 7 things about themselves, and
2. Nominate 15 new blogs for the award.

OH Boy, seven things huh? Ok...I'll see if I can "come up" with seven things. :)
1. I love Jesus and feel so blessed to be His child and that He can use even me to encourage and spread His love. 
2. I always wanted to need glasses, braces or to have freckles. Why? Because I had/have brown hair, brown eyes and olive skin and felt boring and thought these things could offer some "character" to my face. Well, I still don't have any of those things so I just make a lot of  funny faces. 
3. I have a current addiction to Greenlee's Blueberry Cinnamon bread. I love it. I think it may be laced with some addictive substance. It must. Please tell me it is. 
4. My husband has a hugemongous beard and yes, he's had it since we were dating. But I figure that women are paying lots of money for microderm abrasion and skin peels and I get one every time he kisses me. It saves me money. :)
5. I do an excellent impersonation of Jan Brady...but, I guess who doesn't?
6. My favorite hymn is "My Jesus I love thee". I sing it often. Loud. In my car as to not offend the rest of the world, but knowing my Jesus doesn't mind my "pitchiness" and look forward to an angelic voice when I get to heaven. 
7. Is it seven already...this is far to limiting. OK, my prayer is to be a positive influence in the lives around me. First, to my husband and my children. Then to my world of influence however small or big. To be Christ's light, to serve Him with the gifts he has given me. To become more like him every day until the day I am with Him in the heaven he has prepared for us and sacrificed himself to allow us to be there with him. 
15 blogs I nominate for the award:
I'm going to leave it at 14 because I ran out of time...I've got to go pick up kids and get them to the dentist..This is what we mom's do and I figure it leaves room for more searching, more reading and seeing who else is out there. God Bless!


  1. Oh wow! Thanks and congrats! :)

  2. Love the microderm abrasion comment!
    I have that happen with my husband, too, but he doesn't quite have the beard your husband does.