Thursday, September 8, 2011

Top 10 Things I'd Rather Be Doing Than Folding Laundry

1. Watching a good movie- I love movies. I quote movies. I sometimes wish my life were a movie or more specifically, a musical. "The hills are alive with the sound of Music......ah aaaaahaaaaahhaaaaaa"...Sorry. 

2. Hanging out at the beach- An isolated beach as my body is not beach wear ready. My body has never seemed beach wear ready but never-the-less, even if wearing a circus tent...I'd rather wear it at the beach.

3. Eating a meal out at a restaurant where Super-sizing isn't an option- I'm super-sized enough without that choice. 

4. Going on a walk- I live in a beautiful area with pine trees, amazing seasons and clean, fresh air. No, it isn't Fresno. 

5. Listening to my i-pod and cleaning my kitchen or bathroom- Yes, you read that correctly. The world feels infinitely better when my kitchen and bathrooms are clean. It feels good. It fills my soul. 

6. Reading Facebook updates- Like the greater part of society, I'm on facebook and I look at it occasionally...or, uh more than occasionally. I cannot tell a lie. Friend me!!

7. Soaking in a jacuzzi- I don't actually HAVE a jacuzzi, but I'm hoping one day. And for me, even the hoping for it, is STILL preferable to folding laundry. 

8. Going to the dentist- I feel very thankful to have had a great dental history...and I love going to the dentist. It's like getting new underwear. No one may notice the freshly cleaned teeth or fresh new undies but having either one makes me feel like a new woman. Which reminds me, I'm due for both. 

9. Reading a book, my bible or a devotional- I love escaping away with my Lord...and lately, I've enjoyed escaping on a journey in a story that moves me... I've traveled a bunch, by book...even as far as heaven and back. 

10. The top thing I'd rather be doing than folding laundry is.....anything at all- Are you busy? Wanna hang out?...get some coffee?... I've got a laundry pile that can wait just a bit longer. :)

*****PS. There are a billion things of course, but the obvious things that I didn't mention in my list are spending time with my husband, my kids, my family, my friends...traveling the world...because those are all a given. I'd rather be doing these things more than most anything else.****

*****DISCLAIMER- this post was not sponsored by Dreamworks Pictures, Apple, Mr Clean, Face book, any jacuzzi manufacturers, The Dental Association or Random House Publishing. 

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          JK...there is no fund......yet. :)


  1. A woman after my own heart ;-) me no likie either.

  2. glad to know I have a kindred spirit. :)

  3. Sooo, sometimes I cheat and fold laundry WHILE watching a good movie. It almost cancels out the folding part!

  4. ha ha...Oh I've done that option too...but then there's the putting away! OH the torture!!! (said dramatically as to exaggerate the point)
    I'm so lazy.m
    On the plus side, I planted two flats of vinca today, bathed all three kids and myself (it was a must after the yardwork), cleaned my bathroom (cause it needed it after we had been in the there...) soccer game and a play practice. :)