Friday, August 5, 2011

A Whole Home

Trying something new today. Writing for 5 straight minutes. No correcting. No editing. Just pure, undefiled, raw writing. Honest words poured on a blank screen for 5 minutes flat. It is a challenge from, The Gypsy Mama. And I am always up for a challenge. It should be fun. It might be difficult. But, here it goes....

The prompt is whole:

I've posted before about struggling with contentment. I've struggled with living up here in the sticks and wanting to be closer to to family, work...civilization. However, I'm feeling like my version of what I think will make me happy and whole are very different from what God knows I need.

I love our families and appreciate their help...the distance from our home to help has posed as an issue that has made it difficult. My husband's work is slow and therefore where the "work is" is often a commuter's distance away. Last night he did not come home til 9:30pm...he left the house at 4:30am. He's tired and I rationalize that his sleep and overall health would be better if we were closer. I'm so thoughtful that way.

But, what it comes down to is this: we live here..the housing market sucks and the idea of moving stresses my husband out. We have a home that we can afford, we have our children who are healthy and active, we have a church with people we love in it, we have jobs (albeit...54-130miles away, but we still have them), we have our health, we have each other. The Lord is meeting all our needs...I have no reason to complain. I am blessed. Even when I don't recognize it, our life is whole.


  1. Isn't it amazing how so much of our life is really about how we choose to see it? When we focus on what God has blessed us with, our joy, our contentment, our wholeness is there...when we focus on what we don't have we are dissatisfied, dissappointed and sometimes, bitter. Thank you for this quick reminder that part of our wholeness lies in recognizing His blessings in our lives - I forget that too too easily.

  2. This jumped right off my computer screen and smacked me square in the face before making its way deep down into my heart...."However, I'm feeling like my version of what I think will make me happy and whole are very different from what God knows I need." So very true. Thank you for this most-needed, taken to heart, reminder.

  3. Melinda I know this came from your heart. You are so very thoughtful and everything you said is true. I'm praying God will answer our wants as
    well as our needs(which I think are for you to live closer). Thank you for loving and caring for
    Lance and the children. Mom and Grammy