Friday, August 12, 2011


It is another challenge from, The Gypsy Mama. Here it goes....

The prompt is Beauty:

My mother came up for  a few days to hang out for the last day of summer and the first day of school. She's a get-it-done kinda lady and it's always a blessing to have her here because I enjoy her company, she motivates me to do a "project" that I might otherwise feel reluctant to take on myself and the kids love their "meemaw". We painted my kitchen island, steam cleaned my carpets, ate out, took the kids to swim lessons. I love watching her be with my kids. I love hanging out and talking with her. We both cried when we dropped off my youngest for his first day of kindergarten. She is a blessing to me.

Her love for us is beyond beautiful. Her service to us, her kids even as adults, demonstrates the beauty of her heart. She is beautiful. I love her. I am thankful she is my mom. I feel some of my better qualities come from what she taught/demonstrated to me. I am excited to spend some time with her in Philadelphia this fall. I feel blessed to have her in my life. She helps make our life beautiful.


  1. love this! our moms are wonderful! I hope we can be the same when we're at they're spot in life.

  2. Your mom looks like a sweetheart! Enjoy every second you have with her! The bond between a mom and daughter with the bond of Christ is a beautiful thing.

  3. We lucked out when it comes to moms...we are just so blessed to have a wonderful family!! Mom is such wonderful company to have around, we laugh so much together. Every word you said is true. We love you, mom! xoxo

  4. I feel the same love for my mom. It's funny but when you're young the last thing you want to hear is that you are like your mother. Then as I have gotten older, I now take it as an enormous compliment. The fact that anyone would think I could possibly be on her level is amazing to me. Her guidance is immeasurable and her wisdom is from depths I still have yet to find. I am a constant work in progress and I can only hope to be more like her.