Monday, August 1, 2011


I'm sensing this theme in my life as of late and today it has all come into focus. Recently, I've posted on time management at least twice, "5 minutes" and on goals/dreams. Upon a friend and fellow bloggers suggestion, I had started reading this ebook called "31 days to a better blog". On one of the days, it told us (the book is so bossy) to promote our blog. I admit that I didn't like it, nor do I like the "idea" of promoting myself or the feels so used-car-sales-man-like (no offense to any used car sales men out there).  My friend suggested that it doesn't have to be a "hey come read my blog cause it's awesome" (said with a dramatic flair and much sarcasm)'s just using the whole World Wide Web of networking to get the word out and see who might like your "words". So, I sent emails, posted on a few blogs, joined a few groups and placed their buttons on my page. They are ALL great sites with lots of resource and lots to offer, but I've found that the expectations of all these groups and the pushing to "guest post" and really working to "sell myself" to be exhausting, self serving and has diverted me from my original goal of just wanted to encourage someone. Of course the human side of me would love to be loved, liked and followed...but, the Lord living in my heart reminds me that it is not about me and that it should be ALL about Him, it is He who uses me, He who works, He who encourages and I am just a vessel and really, this makes me feel a huge sigh of relief in my soul.

You know that feeling like when you take of your bra at the end of the day or when you've eaten so much that you have to unbutton your already too tight pants to breathe...what? You never had that problem? Uh, neither did I...(clear throat), yeah, I am the epitome of self control in my eating...yeah, uh I just heard about it from a friend. :)

But what my blathering is trying to express it that I now feel so much less pressure. I don't have the time for guest posts, for linking to and networking on all these other blogs as much as it is suggested. I do have some blogs that are written by friends or that I really enjoy and connect with that I will follow. I am content to be just me and let God be God and use prayerfully encourage someone, but I know it will be me who finds encouragement as I watch and listen for Him in moving and working my heart. Plus, I don't want blogging to become a job that weighs on my schedule, on my mind and on my life. I want to live my life and spend my time with my husband, with my children and with the people that I love. The writing, I pray, will be a natural overflow of what God is doing in the midst of all that and my constant need to to seek Him in it. I hope you, too, will live the life He has given you and that we will seek Him together.

I thank the Lord for reminding me of this today and over the last month and I thank and link to Proverbs 31 ministries today, not because I am looking for connections, but because I want to share with you how the Lord spoke to me this morning. He is good. I'm thankful He woke me up early, I'm thankful for refocus and I am thankful for a day with my kids.


  1. love it! Ahem, I have never had that end-of-the-day feeling either. (with my bra or my pants). Well, maybe soooometimes...

  2. Hi! Love your posts. The way you are doing things is the best way as blogging can take over peoples lives. This is ok for single people who have no responsibility.I have seen it in families where the children are told to wait. They wait for their dinner, their clothes for school, they wait while the school buses passes them by, etc. You get the picture. But time waits for no one and as your children are growing up time is very precious. I believe when i give my time to my family and my friends that I am giving them the most precious gift I can give. As time is important to me, even though I must learn not to procrastinate or get side tracked.

    You said you was concerned by the lack of comments but I personally would be chuffed by the number of visitors 5,627. And you had 68 thumbs up!

    In time you will probably find that you got a lot of people following you and commenting. There are so many blogs in blogland, that sometimes the greatest blogs get overlooked.

    I am sure that your viewers will love your post as much as I have.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Hope i am getting my point of view across as its time for me to get some sleep as its four in the morning and I can no longetr think or type.
    good night Julie

    hugs Julie