Saturday, July 9, 2011

To Blog or Not to Blog...that is the question

When I started this whole blogging thing back in was an experiment, it was an effort to journal in a way that would keep me accountable and vulnerable yet remind me that my relationships with my Lord and with my family are part of my witness to the world for Christ. So, I was trying to keep it real and keep it true to me and to who God is in His word. It's been cathartic, it's been an encouragement to me whenever anyone responded having felt some sort of relatability (I think I made this word up, because my computer tells me it is NOT a word, however..I think it should be) to whatever I had written. But in this blogging age, I had to I just another person jumping on this whole blogging bandwagon with delusions that people actually care to know what is going on in my life, my heart and my mind. This is not meant to sound all pathetic..I don't feel pathetic, I just am wondering is the "blogging" a necessity. Should I just journal like we did back in the old days...on simple paper and with a pen. (Well, I still may journal on the computer, my penmanship is atrocious, truly.) At first I would have like a hundred hits on a post but the last several posts were only read by 15 people...and many of them weren't even commented on, except by my mother -Thank you mommy :) I didn't have any grandiose idea that I would be the next Pioneer Woman or anything, and my motivation wasn't for self glorification. My hope was that I would encourage someone, anyone...really. And maybe to build some camaraderie...

The most successful blogs have a theme, a story to tell or at least a point...I'm not sure I have either . I'm just writing whatever is on my crazy mind on any particular day, just in case you hadn't picked that up in this post. So, I'm wondering....... is there a point...if there is no point?


  1. I don't know, does it seem like a burden when you blog? If you touch one person every time you blog, is it worth it? I always read your blog :) I like that you're struggling with weight loss, and you're not afraid to share it. I'm right there with you, girl! And I like your openness about your love for your hubby, kids and life in general. So, do what you will, I'll still follow you on FB if you give this up!

  2. Some of the best blogs I've read have no comments, but they thoroughly entertain the reader. I love reading your blog. Sometimes I get busy and have to play catch up, but I think all your blogs are funny, touching, and interesting.

  3. Today i stumbled actoss your blog via seeded buzz(contemplating whether to join)and I love your blog because you speak from the heart and you talk about subjects we can all relate to. For example I am now always overscheduled, lack discipline, and lack enough hours to get all done that i should do.(I used to be very efficent and organised when my family was at home with me)(now i lack direction and purpose, also motivation and good health)

    As my youngest would say to me, my standard are to high even for myself and my lists are way to long (the list of chores in my head that is as i no longer write lists) for me to finish in any given week nevermind one day. Like now i should be either putting my crafting material away or making a card. But after discovering your blog I am intriqued to know what the next post is about even though i am going backwards.

    I used to write journals and I have done this since I was in school but havent written for a very long time including writing on my blog but after reading your posts, I think I need to start writing again.

    I personally think that you should write for yourself, for your family to read in the future and worry little about how many people read it and comment. Unless of course that is important to you. Best go before i waffle too much.

    But before I do I want to say that i loved the last post about parenting and expectations. I could relate to every word and found it thought provoking.So thanks for sharing.

    May the lord continue to shine on you and your family and keep you blessed.Because you are truly blessed to have a husband, the blessing sent from heaven - (your children) and the lord by your side. I am now a follower and may not be able to comment on every post i read, but I am looking forward to reading your future posts.

    Hugs from Julie