Sunday, May 15, 2011

A lesson in loss for my little girl

It snowed last night. The last snow of the spring after the dogwood trees have bloomed and most of us who live up here anticipated it but hoped that maybe just this year it wouldn't happen. It did. We have approximately 4-5 inches of fresh snow everywhere including on our little tree where our baby birds had been born two short days ago. We hoped that maybe the mama was under there in a little snow cave protecting her little two day old babies but later this morning we saw her flitting around the tree and on our deck. My husband went out to uncover and save the nest but our little baby birds were dead. Myself and the boys were sad, but my daughter wept. She had already lost a pet frog this year and she didn't understand why the baby birds had to die too. I gently explained that in the wild and in nature, not all babies get to live and unfortunately that was the case for our baby birds. We won't get to see them grow or learn to fly and leave the nest. And seeing their fragile little bodies is heartbreaking. But we explained that the mama will make another nest someday and make more eggs and this is the way we survive, we keep going despite the snowfall and the loss and we live to produce and exist another day. God has a bigger purpose for this snow and always for us.


  1. So sorry. It is so hard for our kids to experience losses like that. It breaks our hearts to see them so sad. You're a good mommy, tho. You always say the right thing.

  2. We thought about the baby birds all day and were praying for the best. I just cried and the girls will be so sad. Last year we lost our baby birds in the front yard after our cat killed the dad and the mom just couldn't keep them warm and feed them during a cold snap. For us last year, we took it as God's plan to learn about loss and to check out baby birds up close before giving them a proper burial. ~Melissa

  3. Was Sad last night when you told me about the babies. I read the blog today and became even more sad. Life can be hard sometimes when someone or animal dies that we love. But, we will appreciate all that God gives us even if it is only for a short time we carry it for a lifetime. Love You, Mommie