Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Going on a bear hunt

This is my youngest, Nate. Today while we were out running errands, he sweetly asked me if we could go for a walk. After we got home, worked on birthday party invitations and put some things away he pressed, "When are we going to go on a walk?". I knew if we didn't get a walk in, he'd be bummed so when we were all ready to go..this is how he looked.  He was equipped with a badge, goggles, a backpack full of super hero suits, binoculars, a fake knife and a toy walkie talkie. He was excited...

Nate advised me that I shouldn't be worried about any wild animals..that he would protect me. My heart swelled then melted right there in my chest. 

And then he was on the look out...

He declared, "Hey mom! If I catch a grizzly bear, I'm gonna kill it and eat it for dinner!" Oh boy! Who is this child?? You're not going to grow a beard and live in an isolated cabin??? Oh wait..I just described his father. 

Ok, we're not "isolated".........but you get what I mean..

This is him "calling for backup.."...because he saw some piranhas..?? I love his imagination. We ran from the piranhas after he threw some "bait" to try and distract them while we got away. He jumped over logs and dodged downed-tree-limbs and finally...we made it to safety...whew! Who knew you could have so much adventure in a 30 minute walk?

 This is my last year at home with my Nate-tater. Next year I will have all three kids at the same school for one glorious year before Jack heads off the the 5th grade at our Middle school. (Ugh! That will be a whole other posting..) I joke to my friends and husband that I'll cry for 10 minutes on his first day of kindergarden and then head off to breakfast and a pedicure and not look back. But really, I will miss him. And more than that, I will miss having been done with this stage of mothering.
I will miss letting him stay in his pj's with his crazy bed-head-hair while we take the kids to school in anticipation of coming back home together and snuggling on the couch and watching cartoons.
I will miss taking him with me to Starbuck's and buying him his favorite petite vanilla scones.
I will miss building forts and I will miss going on "bear hunts".  I joke to my friends, "wait until fall...then I'll have all this freedom!" But in my heart, I'll be a little sad that all my babies aren't babies anymore.

I feel so blessed that during this season, I got to stay home for the most part and that I only needed to work 6 days/month. I love that I was able to have some special one on one time with each of the kids at some point of their pre-k years as other's went off to school. I cried a bit when each child started school, but this time will be different because it is the last time.

My mothering isn't done, of course. There are many more seasons to come..some great, some not-so-great, but I don't want to forget these moments when their imaginations are free, their smiles are huge, their faces are soft and kissable, their love is genuine & overflowing and they long to be with you and in your arms.

Now if you excuse me, I need to go wipe my tears and hug my babes.


  1. That's our Nate!! Mel, that is one of your 2or 3 best blogs. Enjoy the rest of this passage. Some won't be so fun. However, we know you are more than up for the challenge, Joy and yes some pain. And our God will be there every step of the way. Some meditation and reflection time in Psalm 23 is a great source of strength and encouragement.

    We love you, your blog, your children and you husband

    Mom & dad Gray

  2. I need to wipe tears to. This was amazing! I am going through a similar event this evening. Today was my last day of maternity leave and seeing that Parker is out last baby... this was my last maternity leave. I am so sad this evening and my heart is heavy. This touched me! Thank you for sharing.

  3. This was such a great post! I enjoyed reading every word of it. He really looks adorable and what a great imagination! I am new to your blog and am so glad that I found it!