Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I heart Mail

In case you didn't know this, I live in the sticks. The hills. The boonies. The Back Forty.

The first time this became clear to me was approximately two weeks after we moved here and we found out I was pregnant with our second child. The first thought that came into my mind as I looked into the sweet round face of my first born who was sitting and playing on the carpet nearby was, "......But I already HAVE a baby." Jack was only 8 months old at the time and needless to say, we were not planning on a second child this soon. But the second thought that entered my mind was ..."......But I live 40 miles from the nearest Target!!" and I sat there on the toilet...(where I took the test..duh) and felt immediately isolated from all civilization.  Of course, this is an exaggeration because there approximately 5,000 people in our town. We have a Safeway, CVS and a Taco we don't have to go too far to "run for the border'. But I had, all my life, lived in suburbia or a city where all of life's conveniences are nothing but a short drive or walk away. This mountain living was new to me.

Since then, I've adapted...mostly. And I've learned to consolidate my trips into town or down the hill... for the most part. I've learned to anticipate blustery weather and choose my 4WD...almost always. I can build a fire in the wood stove, shovel snow and pack snow into tupperware containers and place them in  my fridge when there is a power outages. I'm no Ma Ingalls, but I manage.

free samples!!! 
One thing I've learned and actually really enjoy is choosing to do some of my shopping online. Now, clothes shopping is different because much of the time, the sizing is different or the fabric is not what you imagined. And food shopping is impractical because we are gone too much and I would not want food left out to rot, be stolen or be eaten on our porch by one of God's creatures. But I've found with the other things -1. when you already know exactly what you want and perhaps 2. have had it before..the online method works brilliantly. And the best part is when the package arrives at your door. It feels like Christmas, even if it is just face wash and moisturizer. The anticipation is wonderful. I LOVE IT. Often you can find free shipping and sometimes you can get a free gift just from ordering online.

It's not just packages..I love all sorts of mail. My husband laughs and hides the mail in the laundry room because he knows if I see it, I am unable to wait....seriously, I am compelled to open it right then, I can't help myself. I love getting letters from our Compassion kids, I love looking at the bills (can't explain that one)... and every time I get  a special letter or package it makes me want to order something else...but I do have some self control. I might just pursue to look for some of those other daily needed things online in hopes of finding a deal and saving more time driving cause I'm not sure if you've noticed but the gas prices are a tad high.

Back to that unexpected pregnancy that blessed us a short two weeks after I moved up here to the arctic circle (that's what my mother calls it)-
It brought us our Catie, the best package we could've received that year.

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  1. i love mail! i love ordering things on the internet...but i have to control myself...cuz i'm not rich (much to my chagrine!)