Sunday, August 5, 2012

See the Tree

Matt 5:16
 In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.

The old cliche' states "You can't see the forest for the trees". It's meaning describes a person who is so involved with the details that they can't see the broad picture. It's a great phrase in consideration of how we need to live and love as christians here on this earth. We need to be careful not to get so focused on the issues: political, social or otherwise because in a world that is lost, the details can be trivial and a distraction from what is important. Sharing the gospel and bringing others to Christ is the big picture.

I am not going to address the recent Chick-fil-A issue as it has and is already being over discussed all over the net.

I will say that I am a Bible believing Christian who is a sinner and who only has redemption because of Jesus Christ.

I will say that I believe the Bible in its entirety.

I will say that because of the grace of Christ in my life and because of what the Bible says I do not hate anyone. I do not support violence, hate or discrimination of any kind. I have no intentions of removing anyone's "rights" to the freedom our country offers. I have no intention of slandering anyone in opposition to my beliefs.

This is addressed to my brothers and sisters in Christ and this is about our testimony to the whole world.

Concerning the seeing the forest through the trees statement, can I make one argument?


In this world if we are so focused on our agenda, so focused on proving ourselves right and others wrong and trying to make the world as we believe it should be, we fail to see the people/the individuals in our lives who we are called to love and be a light to. You cannot grow a forest without planting the seeds one by one, THEN it is up to the work of the Holy Spirit to grow it. There are many things I cannot change and the Bible promises us that the world will only get worse until Christ's return. If we are hated because we love Christ, that is persecution. If we are hated because we hated first...that is a fail on our part.

We are not all called to be "Pauls" and to speak to multitudes. We are not Christ incarnate. We are not called to judge the world. We cannot hold others to a standard of living to soothe our uncomfortable feelings.

We are called to lovingly share the gospel.

To declare Christ's work in our lives and to testify the truth.

We cannot do that on the big scale unless we are doing it on a small scale first, every day offering grace, love and truth. If a heart is truly changed and filled with the Holy Spirit, the outer life will also change....It does not happen in reverse.

Christ did not die for our political freedoms. He died for you, for me and every face you see around you.

See the tree, because Jesus did...even amongst the crowd. He saw each person and knew what they needed....Him.

***There is a difference between judging the world and holding a christian brother/sister to accountability. (Matt 4)

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  1. well said.. I couldn't agree more! - Juliet