Thursday, February 23, 2012

Perception Problems

 Perception: 1 : a result of perceiving : OBSERVATION
2 : awareness of surrounding objects, conditions, or forces through sensation
3 : capacity for understanding 

It's amazing to me how often and how severely our perceptions can change. It can be from a new perspective, a better light or a truth revealed. A perception can change due to a incorrect interpretation. Perception can bring you to a conclusion without any definitive truth. 

Have you ever spent time looking in carnival mirrors? A mirror reflects what's placed in front of it, yet the bend of the glass can distort your image. I always hope my home mirrors are distorted when I look into them and my scale, for that matter.

How about when you revisit a place you spent time as a child and it suddenly looks so tiny! I kind of hate that. It ruins the magic and awe I remembered as a kid. 

There are times when you meet someone and get this first impression or perception of who they are. Sometimes your gut is right. Sometimes, you're way off base. Sometimes a judgement is decided over a perception. Misdiagnosis of an illness, a life or a relationship can be made over a wrong perception. We should always seek truth out and not merely rely on our observations or impressions. 

This can happen in our own minds as well. Satan loves to hold up his carnival mirror of lies and tell you how stupid, ugly or undesirable we are. He loves to amplify our faults and diminish our strengths and I admit that, more often than I like, I believe him. The worst time for us girls, of course, is when we are in a hormonal "state" which I've determined accounts for 100% of the time if you count PMS, during your menstral cycle, post menstral and ovulation. It's just sometimes are more hormonal than others. 

But during these moments of weakness, I can fall into his trap and it immobilizes me for a time. In those moments when I am staring into his deception feeling sorry for myself, I have taken my eyes off Christ and His truth. 

Today was this kind of day for me. 
I am thankful for Gods spirit who whispers and reminds me...He loves me. He created me. He knows me. He died for me. 
This is the truth.

No romance could be greater than the story of Christ's love and his pursuit of us.

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