Saturday, December 31, 2011



Out with the old, 
In with the new.
May your gladness be daily
And the hard days, few.

May you lose all your pounds,
Finish projects long planned.
May you vacation with loved ones
Somewhere with warm sand.

I wish for you love, and for faith-
And too, for good health.
But more that you see life's blessings 
Not to be confused with your wealth. 

Take time to hug,
Take time to pray.
Take time for people
Take time to listen more than you say.

May your spirit be refreshed,
And your faith be renewed.
May you wake up each day with a
Good attitude!

For, God holds our tomorrows
He knows each hair on ourselves
Goodbye 2011
We welcome twenty twelve!

-muddled (not poetic) mama

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