Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Feeling quiet today.

WHAT? I know. I just don't particularly feel like I have a lot or much to say.

 I like it. You may like it too and respond, "Please! Be quiet more often."

Quiet in my head. Quiet in my heart. Quiet in my spirit. Yearning to be in a place that is quiet.

More often than not, silence makes me uncomfortable.Vulnerable. Alone. I admit that sitting in quiet makes me want to break the silence with words. But If I wait............. and resist the urge to fill the void, it forces me to feel more reflective and to listen.

Today, it feels needed to hear the quiet, making me more aware of the noise that I create in my life. It gives me an opportunity to listen to others, understand their words a little more and think on them. It offers me the calm to soften my heart for God's leading and perhaps just relishing in the time with Him.

I need quiet.

I need my Lord.

Quiet today. Can't promise the same for tomorrow. :)

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