Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Ode to the ER-extended version

As ER nurses we take care of lives 
Afflicted by trauma, illness & hives.

From ambulance calls to crowds at the door,
There is rarely a dull moment and we never get bored. 

Life is just crazy and we'll never see enough
Of complaints SO bizarre, you just couldn't make it up!! 

Some will cry out, "I DON'T UNDERSTAND, 

They don't understand that part of our call, 
Is to look to the greater good of not just one, but of all. 

We have to first treat the gravely ill or near dying,
And while the wait stinks, please know we are trying

To help every person that enters our door,
To deny someone help is not part of our core.

Overwhelming hard work is a part of our day,
Sometimes we cry in a hysterical haze... 

Thinking we're pushed beyond our ability,
Yet somehow we do it with help, patience and humility.

Many we'll help, for some there's little hope
Because of their problems and addictions to dope.

From the chronic, the minor, the acute and depressed,
We can reflect on our lives and know that we're blessed.

For our lives are finite like hourglass sand,
Tragedies can happen despite the best laid out plans.

It's not uncommon to see someone die,
To say it's not hard would be a huge lie 
......and it's true that there are times when we cry.

For those whose lives we can pull from the brink,..
Help us find joy when the department stinks.

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