Sunday, January 30, 2011


      It's 4:52 pm on a Sunday evening, we've had 4 or so weeks of springtime weather and the cedar trees have been dropping pollen like a flour sifter. I don't usually suffer from allergies, but OH MY GOSH this last month has been lame. I have been on a consistent schedule of all sorts of antihistamines and STILL, I've been regularly asked if I'm "ok" because I look like I've been crying, been told by a loved and honest teen that I "look like crap" and I fall into my Benadryl coma each night with tissues stuffed up my nose to keep from leaving snail trails of snot on my pillow. Sexy, huh? So, you can imagine that when I heard it would rain today, I smiled blissfully at the anticipation of the fresh smell, the perfect napping weather and the clean and pollen-free air. Ah, yes.

But, it snowed.

Now, it's not that I hate snow, I enjoy it's pure white beauty and the quietness of a snowfall and the chill in the air when you step outside, just not so much the shoveling, power outages, slip-sliding in your snow boots out to the car with 3 children all complaining that their snow pants are giving them a "wedgie". But, it did snow and since we had guests and good friends from down the hill come up to stay the night it was a fun surprise to wake up to and something they don't get to experience often and we enjoyed the view while drinking our coffee and eating cinnamon rolls.

   Since they left, I have been extraordinarily lazy. Some of which is due to the busy schedules we've maintained and that will continue when tomorrow begins. Today, we've watched some "I Shouldn't Be Alive" on Animal Planet and I read one of my favorite blog's by and got caught up the story of her engagement to her husband. (I'm not a romance novel kind of girl, but goodness gracious, this girl's description of how she feel about her husband leaves you feeling all giddy and romantic and like you want to throw your husband down and kiss his face off! Let's just say, it's a good read.) Even now as I write, my living room is littered with Thomas the Train tracks..I'm pretty sure there is teetering pile of laundry that needs to be done, I don't have the slightest idea what we're going to do for dinner and I'm still in my pajamas. (I did manage to wash my face and brush my teeth today) But in all honesty, I am enjoying the day at home with the family...I'm pleading the "day of rest/Sabbath" argument for any of you type-A homemakers who are probably at this very moment re-tiling a bathroom, cleaning your baseboards or sewing clothes for your children. So, as I throw another log on the fire and think chips, salsa and guacamole is sounding pretty good for dinner, I will continue to relish in this day of rest. This day with my family at home.

PS. I probably will get to that some of that laundry. I'm all for recycling but not when it comes to underwear.

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